style consultancy (onlıne)

  • Consists of 2 Skype sessions and your detailed Iconology File.
  • A tailored session, prepared for you.
  • Includes an instructive session about Iconology (lines, forms, volumes, colors, fabrics) due your personal image goals, body type, lifestyle, budget and style.
  • First session is intended to get to know you better, the second session is more educative.
  1. Tailor-made for you.
  2. The main goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.
  3. After the session, you learn to choose the right garments while shopping. As a result, you enjoy shopping more, and you never say 'I have nothing to wear' again. 
  4. Thanks to your iconology file, you get a lifetime guide. 

shoppıng consultancy (onlıne)

*Style consultancy is a must if you wish to have this service.

  • Can be repeated twice a year or every season.
  • Consists of a fully interchangeable capsule wardrobe, consisting of 9-12 pieces 
  • I prepare the list with the links of the garments, giving you the option to buy online with one click.
  1. Tailor-made for you.
  2. The main goal is to get you out of 'nothing to wear' problem
  3. Since all the pieces are combinable with each other, you will be quick choosing what to wear.
  4. In your wardrobe, you will have ONLY clothes that you wear.

all-incluDED style and shoppıng consultancy (onlıne)

Consists of the combination of style consultancy and shopping consultancy.